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ISBN#: 9780061547782
June 23, 2009
Avon A, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
390 pages
Rating: 5 cups

Anna O’Shea is starting over. She has divorced her husband and left her job as a lawyer. Upon returning from a pleasure trip to Ireland, Anna finds out her brother, Patrick, has been in a horrible car accident. This leaves Anna in charge of her troublemaking sixteen-year-old nephew, Joseph.

Joseph O’Shea is a kid who is always on the outside looking in. He is a loner who seems to find trouble wherever he goes. His dad, Patrick, acts like he does not want him around. His aunt, Anna, has gone a little mental since her divorce. Wrestling is his way of belonging somewhere.

A gift from a stranger in Ireland is tucked into Anna’s bags without a second thought. After she picks up Joseph from the juvenile detention center, she crawls into bed for a good night’s sleep. A dream about his father has Joseph looking through Anna’s bags for the item that will save his family. Anna is furious at finding Joseph going through her things, but when she grabs hold of the package, they find themselves hurtling through an ocean. The next thing either of them remembers is landing in Ireland in 1844. Will this time traveling help heal a family torn apart by a one hundred and sixty-four-year-old curse?

I am having a hard time trying to decide where to begin. This book blew my mind. Stepping into this story is easy, but falling into 1844 Ireland? It is exciting and wonderful. Jacqueline Sheehan writes such a delightful tale of magic and mysticism with characters who are colorful and seem very real. I love stories about traveling back in time and this one did not disappoint me. Taking a step back into an era of simplicity is a breathtaking experience. It is the struggle and pain these people overcame which brought a lot of new things to light. Not only was I touched by this novel, I learned a little history along the way.

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