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ISBN# (10): 1420108719 /(13): 978-1-4201-0871-2
December 2009
Zebra (Kensington Books)
119 West 40th Street, New York, New York 10018
352 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Angie Margaret McCaffrey works for Macabre Factor, but when her cosmetics boss does not show up for work, it appears Angie is called in for duty. Getting an ad with a drop dead gorgeous male model certainly sparks an interest.

Eric Taylor is a vampire capitalist, who is often amused and annoyed by the antics of humans. Then there is Angie. He really does not see her as the business type but rather an artist and someone he intends to work very closely with.

Angie is surprised when Lucy, her boss, does not arrive for work when they are working on a huge ad. When she is sent to take charge of an ad, she meets Eric at the House of Usher. Just the simple touch of his hand sends her a sexual excitement. There is something unique about him she cannot quite pinpoint. While working on the accounts and getting closer to Eric, there is still the missing Lucy. When she is found murdered, Angie begins to question if Eric and Lucy had a certain connection. She will not believe the man who has given her complete passion could be a murderer, or is he?

Once Bitten is action packed with multi-characters that enhance the story with each flip of the page. The main characters are detailed so one can get a feel for everything about them. Angela is a hoot. She has the style that bonds with the reader. Eric is not only yummy but an enigma; I like that about him. I enjoyed the premise of the storyline, as well. Clare Willis creates a romance, with a touch of suspense, passion and the unique vampire that will take a delicious bite, drawing the reader into the ambiance of the story.

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