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Sheridan Series
Book 1 - One Scream Away
Book 2 - Last To Die

ISBN: 9780446541527-Paperback / 9780446559379-Ebook
July 1, 2009
Forever, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing
Paperback/ Ebook
$6.99(US) $8.50(CAN)-Paperback/ $6.99-Ebook
464 Pages
Romantic Suspense; Forever Special Edition
Rating: 5 Cups

Neil Sheridan keeps his past at bay with loose women and tons of booze. The Ex-FBI agent is haunted by events from his past that come out at night to play in his nightmares. After another typical night of drinking and a nameless woman, he hears a pounding on the hotel door and opens it to find his life is about to change.

Elizabeth Denison, or Beth as her coworkers call her, has been hiding for the past seven years from a terrible secret. With her daughter Abby in tow, she ran that fateful night so long ago and settled in Arlington, Virginia. Beth’s days are filled with normal activities but her nights are full of a nightmarish occurrence that haunts her to this day.

Chevy Bankes loves to hear the women scream as he tortures them; it keeps his own nightmares at bay. After years of prison life, he is out and ready to get revenge on the one woman who would not scream, Beth Denison. Neil is trying to help Beth but she is hiding something and refuses to cooperate with the local police. Beth knows Neil just wants to help, but she cannot afford to give up her secrets and so she heads off to confront the killer who just wants to hear her scream one last time.

One Scream away is a nail-biting story full of pain, mystery, and being one step behind a killer. As a debut novelist, Ms. Brady has written a powerful novel full of terrifying details and chilling revelations. Each time I thought I knew where the killer was going and what he was doing, the scene changed and threw me way off. I really enjoyed not being able to guess everything that was going to happen, leaving me with a feeling of edge of my seat intensity. Add an ending that leaves you guessing and you will find yourself just as susceptible to this author’s amazing talent as I was.

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