Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-8034-7762-9
June 24, 2010
208 Pages
Fiction / Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

This was supposed to be a quick visit home; catch up with her best friend Julie and spend a little time with her mom, but Liz Pruitt suddenly finds herself stuck for the entire summer. Her mother Grace is laid up with a broken leg, and Liz is realizing very quickly that if she does not step in to help, her mother could lose everything.

Nearly twelve years out of high school and Tyler Augustine is right back where he started. Living at home with a father who never lets up about taking over the family empire is about to drive him nuts, but until he can get his boat up and running, he has nowhere else to turn.

Guilt trips are no fun, especially when you know that it really is your fault, or that of your dog. Liz must stay and help her mother any way she can, but her mother’s bills are nearly overwhelming. The dance contest in the paper seems like the only solution, but with one little hitch. She needs a partner. Tyler is also finding himself in a serious financial dilemma, but getting to his trust fund has certain stipulations, and he may have just found a way around them, if he can convince Liz to go along.

It seems that Liz and Tyler are caught in a never-ending loop, and are ill-equipped to make the changes they need to grow and prosper. They are both almost thirty years old, but for all of their education and/or privilege, they exist as though they are fresh out of high school. It is the dancing that really brings this story alive, and the chemistry that you feel radiating from Liz and Tyler every time they meet on the dance floor. I want to see them become more than just a pretty couple with great moves, and the hope is there that they may.

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