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Biscuit McKee Mysteries

Book 1: Orange as Marmalade
Book 2: Yellow as Legal Pads
Book 3: Green as a Garden Hose

ISBN- 13: 9780373266784
July 2009
Worldwide Mystery, an imprint of Harlequin Enterprises Limited
250 pages
Rating: 3 cups

One year ago, Biscuit McKee took over as the librarian in the small southern town of Martinsville, Georgia. Now, Biscuit is planning her wedding to the town policeman, Sheffield. They met when Bob came to investigate the dead body she found in the library.

Harlan Schneider met up with Buddy Olsen when they were in Army boot camp together. Harlan became a regular visitor to Martinsville, once he and Buddy fulfilled their tour of duty. A nature photographer and auto mechanic, he is loved by everyone… Well, almost everyone.

Marmalade is an orange and white tabby cat who became the resident mouse catcher when Biscuit took over the library. Marmalade also has some information, if only the humans would listen to her. With the planning of her wedding, getting reacquainted with her sister, exploring the town history, and working in her garden, Biscuit is a busy woman, but with a little help from Marmalade, she may be able to help her fiancé solve the mystery of why Harlan Schneider was killed in the library. No one in this small town can figure out why he was even in the library to begin with.

I adore the way the author allows Biscuit to tell her story, and then adds in small remarks from Marmalade. This lovely cat is such a wonderful addition to the telling of this story. Things from Marmalade’s viewpoint are certainly interesting. They are the touch of humor needed in this book. The murder of this young man had me guessing which character is responsible. I was wrong with each guess. Martinsville seems like such a sweet southern town, yet every small town contains secrets best kept hidden.

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