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ISBN- 13:9780373266807
July 2009
WorldWide, a division of Harlequin Enterprises Limited
$5.99 US/ $6.99 CAN
250 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Being a judge in a small town means you have your hands in all sorts of things. This rings true for Judge Jackson Craine of Post Oak, Texas. With two murders he is helping investigate, he has a full plate. Throw in a girlfriend who is out of town visiting her sick grandmother and refuses to return his calls along with a moody teenage daughter, and it is obvious the man is busy.

Tom Delgado is a real estate hotshot in this small Texas town. His agent, Brenda Barns, and the local caterer, Dickie Deaver, show up at Tom’s home to prepare for a real estate meeting to find the door locked. Once they are able to enter the home, it is more than a little bit of a shock to find Tom has been murdered.

A small town is always full of gossip and speculation. Post Oak is no different. Tom’s murderer is on the loose, and everyone is making assumptions. The real estate man was very free with his money and affection when it came to televangelist, Mary Dobbs McDermott, much to Mrs. Delgado’s dismay. Judge Craine is asked by the local sheriff to help with the investigation, and Jackson gladly helps out. With the secrets he uncovers during his questioning of suspects and witnesses, our wonderful judge may just solve the case.

Drawn in from the first page, I could not put Paint the Town Dead aside until the murderer was found. Jackson Craine is a hero you cannot help but adore. He is always willing to help, but when his gentle and amorous side emerges, he becomes just that much more loveable. Ms. Bell takes the reader on all sorts of twists and turns throughout this story. Just when I thought I had the mystery solved, she steered me in a whole different direction. This is a novel which makes you work to find the clues, but it helps that Jackson Craine is a smart, sexy and likeable man who will not lead you astray.

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