ISBN: 1-55410-107-7
May 2004
eXtasy BOOKS© P.O. Box 44062 Burnaby, B.C. V5B 4Y2 Canada
Genre: Paranormal/Vampires

Morgan Hawke’s Passion's Vintage: Tarot Series--The Star is a thrilling sexy vampire
novel and one of the best in Extasy Books’ Tarot Series.  

The Star’s heroine is Bryn Savage, a fantasy and science fiction writer on her way to a
book signing convention, when she crashes into a snow bank.  A sexy movie star
named Connor rescues her and at his place Bryn gets to meet another houseguest,
Nick, a second hot actor.  Together they have what is an excellently written threesome.  
Bryn’s acceptance of the men being vampires is exceptional and well done.  

When Bryn goes to the convention, Connor and Nick work to convince her to remain
with them and try to protect her from cruel vampires who drain their victim’s creativity.  

Passion's Vintage: Tarot Series--The Star is a great erotic paranormal, with erotic
being the operative word.  This is a fully developed very hot story, with numerous forms
of sex, all well done and dialogue that enhances every scene.  Nick and Connor’s
friendship is strong with witty communication and interaction, and the addition of Bryn
only makes the relationship better.

If you are a Hollywood actress, you may not enjoy some of the story’s stereotypes, but
all other’s who enjoy erotic paranormal will adore it.  What makes The Star a better
than the average erotic novel, is that while I could not completely identify with Bryn, I
could definitely empathize and encourage her.  I would enjoy being the woman Bryn is
and wish I could have the attitude of Ms. Hawke’s character.

This book earns keeper status with exciting vampires, a strong woman, quick
dialogue, and a dynamic plot.  I look forward to reading more from Morgan Hawke.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance