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ISBN#: 9781771306485
November 20 2013
Evernight Publishing
97 Pages
Historical, Erotic
Rating 4 Cups

Peregrine is Lord Corby’s eldest son and heir to the Brigstock Dynasty. He is publicly known as Prosy Perry. Though he dislikes the label, the name serves him well as the perfect façade for his true nature. Loyal to the kingdom and working secretly for the government, Perry is busy defending the realm against Bonaparte's supporters who seem resolved to weakening his country. He is fiercely dedicated to his country and family, and can sometimes find the pull of both to be difficult crosses to carry. Both his work and his love life are sacred and secretive, and only his beloved Maggie knows his true nature. With Maggie, Perry can share his true emotions and be himself. When Maggie’s safety is called into question, Perry finds he must act swiftly, to save both his true love and his own life.

Maggie has yet to become Perry’s bride, yet she never doubts for one moment that theirs is a love of the truest nature. Her gentle and loving ways bring out Perry’s tender and playful side; a side which isn’t always seen by the rest of society. When their blissful idyll is interrupted and Perry is called away on business, Maggie’s well being is threatened like it never has been before. Only when this happens is her true, courageous character seen by those around her. Hiding out as a housekeeper, Maggie’s resourcefulness is called upon, and when danger creeps slowly into her own life, Maggie proves her bravery can match that of Perry’s any day.

Whilst Maggie keeps up the pretense of being housekeeper for Perry’s brother and his wife, her lover takes up a path of danger and subterfuge. Spies and traitors abound, with even a wicked lady villain thrown into the mix. When Perry becomes the victim of an act of hideous violence, it is down to Maggie and her resourceful ways to arouse Perry’s memory, in a way only she can.

With a simple yet intriguing plot, Peregrine’s Prize unfolds itself to the backdrop of ambushes on the roadside, riderless horses, swift beatings and secret messages. Added to this is the sexual playtime of Perry and Maggie, which adds a spicy twist to this tale. The side characters of Perry’s family are well outlined, and even have their own stories in other books by the author. Their presence is not too overwhelming and I found that this read concentrates very nicely upon the main plot between Perry and Maggie. I liked the relationship between hero and heroine, feeling that both were portrayed to their best, both in and out of the bedroom. The plot moves swiftly along and is generously interspersed with sexy scenes and generous conversation, which again, allows the story to move along at a good pace. For a historical read with politics, intrigue and spicy sex, Peregrine’s Prize is a fun book to add to your reading collection.

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