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ISBN: 13-9780373295906-Paperback/ 9781426852312-eBook
April 2010
Harlequin Historical, an imprint of Harlequin Enterprises Limited
Paperback/ eBook
$5.99-USA/ $6.99-CAN-Paperback/ $5.40-eBook
282 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Seducing a Stranger

Caution: This tale was published as an individual story as an eBook in November 2009.

Lieutenant Tom Godfrey caught one glimpse of Captain Charles Paget’s wife on a miniature and fell instantly in love.

Victoria Paget is out to prove to the Earl of Stanton and everyone else that her husband’s untimely death was no accident.

Seducing Tom to find the truth is a last resort for Victoria, but one she finds herself willing to do as she seeks the truth about her husband’s death. When Tom sees the woman in the brothel, he knows he has to claim her as she looks uncannily like his deceased Captain’s wife. Learning that it really is Victoria only makes him want her more as well as makes him ache to make her his permanently. But will Tom still want her when he learns the truth of why she went out of her way to seduce him?

Ms. Merrill has written a story that has passion, emotions, justice, and a secret worth seducing for. I thought how Victoria comes to realize her own aching needs are very much alive through Tom’s touch, taste, and sight is wonderfully transcribed. Seeing how Tom reacts to learning who she is was also a brilliant touch on the author’s part as it shows us how much she affects him. Add in the fact that Victoria is out to learn the truth and Tom’s defectiveness due to the war and it brings an element of realism to this already great story.

The Viking’s Forbidden Love-Slave

Caution: This tale was released originally as a single title eBook in November 2008.

Aisling Ó Brannon has been captured and has no knowledge of what has happened to her brothers.

Tharand Hardrata has taken Aisling for one reason and one reason only.

Tharand never expected to find his captive is a spirited woman who will fight for her freedom. But his sister has been taken by his king, and he is determined to get her back. Once he gets to know Aisling and taste her passion, he begins to have second thoughts about turning her over to his king. Will he have to choose between his sister and his captive?

Ms. Willingham knows how to write an intriguing tale. The sensuality within the story was extremely hot and leaves you with a feeling of being teased until the main event. I love how strong Aisling is, and we get to see how capable she is when defending herself. Tharand is described as a tortured soul, one who is in a quandary when it comes to keeping his slave and getting his sister freed. I enjoyed reading this tale.

Disrobed and Dishonored

Caution: This tale was originally released as a single eBook title in May 2009.

Sarah Tatton thought her fiancé was just a dull man until she learned that he vilely attacked her maid.

Jonathan Kirkland was bet that he could not win five treasures from five different women by posing as a highwayman and demanding a kiss instead of their jewelry.

Running from her house may not have been the best idea Sarah ever had, but her father would not listen to reason. When she is demanded a kiss from a highwayman, she somehow ends up telling him about her problems. Jonathan comes up with a solution that could very well get her out of her predicament by having her pretend to be ruined. But what will happen when Sarah learns that Jonathan is not just an ordinary highwayman but much more?

Ms. Allen has a vivid imagination. This tale was cute, funny, and one of a kind. I thought the storyline brought uniqueness to this novel. Add the sensual foreplay, the bondage, the secret identities, and it becomes a great story.

A Night for her Pleasure

Caution: This tale was originally released as a single title eBook in June 2009.

Elise is not sure what to expect from her husband in the bedroom.

Simon is unprepared to deflower his virginal wife.

Both seek out help from others, gaining their advice on how to proceed. Elise must lie quietly and submit to her husband’s every demand according to her mother. Simon must gentle his shy wife like a horse according to one of his faithful friends. Can both discover what each other really want and need or have the advice from their family and friends ruined any chance they have?

Ms. Brisbin begins her story with a notation that this tale is based loosely on O. Henry’s story The Gift of the Magi. I have to say I loved this story with all of its elements. The teasing and tormenting that Simon put Elise through at the table just kept building and building, leaving the reader with the sense of passion that was to come. I thought how both characters stumble through their first joining brings out a realistic view as to how a couple really is with their first experience. What a fascinating and wonderful tale this story turned out to be!

The Unlacing of Miss Leigh

Caution: This tale was originally released as a single eBook title in April 2009.

Margaret Leigh must find a way to make money as her father left her in a bind when he died.

Captain Graham Veall was disfigured during the war and since has been in hiding thanks to the hideous scar that now mars his face.

Margaret answers an ad in the paper for a companion position to Graham. When she finds out he is looking for a mistress, she declines the job. Getting her to agree to meet with him at a masked ball is only the beginning. Soon they are exploring their passion for each other, and Margaret is falling for the gentle soldier even as time runs out.

Ms. Gaston always has a way of writing that is rich in emotion, passion, and brings the characters to life. The way Graham sees himself is so heartbreaking, especially when one considers the fact that he has always been a hero. Margaret’s goodness shines through in this book as we see her take a mistress’ role, not because she wants pretty baubles and expensive things but for her family. This is an outstanding novel, one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading!

Pleasurably Undone takes five great authors and puts them into a novel with one major connection between them. In each of five stories, one of the characters is trying to escape from something. Whether it be from scars on the body, helping a sister in need, a fiancé who is not who he seems, making a huge mistake on a wedding night, or hiding a hero’s face behind a mask. Each tale brings a new romantic adventure into the mix using passion and an atmosphere of love, hopelessness, hopefulness, and gentle characters destined to be together. These were five wonderful accounts that I enjoyed reading and will probably read again just for the pleasure of it.

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