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September 15, 2010
Midnight Showcase (MS Fiction)
E-Book / Paperback
$5.98 EB / $12.98 PB
161 Pages
Science Fiction / BDSM
Rating: 3 Cups

Thousands upon thousands of people are employed by the Alliance’s Charter of Conduct Office, and Terri Baxter just happens to be one of them. She is excited to be selected for a special assignment, until she learns that she is to be a spy on the slave planet Praxton.

The men on Praxton pride themselves on providing and protecting the women under their guardianship, and Romie is no different. However, he cannot abide dishonesty and let his last companion go because of it, so he is a little wary to choose someone new for his household.

Terri’s job is to infiltrate the real Praxton, not just the beautiful setting they provide for tourists, but to do that she must be accepted by a guardian and allowed to immigrate to the planet. At first Terri is a little overwhelmed by wearing the collars, cuffs, chains, and revealing clothing like the rest of the women, but spending her first few days playing tourist relieves her of some of those fears. She wants to fit in, and finding a guardian like Romie is a dream-come true. Her assignment, however, is becoming a nightmare as Terri falls in love with her new life and fears that the company she is working for may destroy everything that Praxton holds dear.

A planet filled with women protected and guarded by men may at first feel a little chauvinistic, but this story never gives the impression that any of these women are coerced. The BDSM aspect is very mild although a constant throughout the book. I find it more bothersome to see the women do little more than shop and lounge around than to believe they are subservient to their men. There is little doubt though that Terri and her friends are cherished and revered by Romie and the other men in this story.

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