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ISBN # 978-1-60174-084-7
1999/Re-released January 2010
New concepts Publishing/New publisher Uncial Press
278 Pages
Contemporary romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Cassie Mercer has proved herself to be one tough newswoman. Reporting from many dangerous locations and jailed for not revealing her sources, she is known to get all the facts and write some major stories. She was offered a job in Washington D.C. and soon after, an anchor position.

Bill MacAllister is President of the United States. He is living in a sort of depressed mode since his wife died a year ago. But when he spots Cassie, something in him awakens. He finds himself doing everything he can to be with her. Only, he is the President which complicates any relationship he might have; especially one with a reporter who has different political views.

The attraction between Bill and Cassie is undeniable. Yet, they must face what the future might be like if they go public. Can their love for each other sustain all that the press and Americans will throw at them? Even before that, can a blackmail scheme prove to be the end of their relationship before they have a chance to see if their love can endure the worst?

Presidential Liaison is a human look at a president, who is truly just a man, and the personal life he wishes to live? Yet, being the president restricts him. I love the characters; the way they interact is so smooth. The story flows nicely, never missing a beat. Ms. Manning has written a truly engaging story that you must read.

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