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ISBN #: 978-1-60820-229-4/ 978-1-60820-228-7
October 2010
Passion In Print Press
eBook/ Print
$7.99/ $14.99
296 Pages
Spicy Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dakota Whitmore's life revolves around her family. She lives in the country with her in-laws and two sons. Recently widowed from an unfaithful husband, she finds herself raising his mistress’s adopted daughter who has a birth defect. She is trying hard to keep strong for everybody.

A man full of anger and resentment towards others, Drue spends as much time as possible in the wilderness living off the land as far away from other people as he can get. He spends his winters sleeping on his brother's futon and works whatever job he can find. He more often than not says whatever enters his mind and does not bother with social niceties.

Drue is disgusted to find out his old college friend has taken his sci-fi idea and turned it into a romance novel. Now he wants his share of the profits but Dakota cannot seem to get her writing back on track. While she does not agree with Drue's conclusion that she stole his work she definitely does not need a lawsuit on her hands what with her daughter's hospital bills piling up. She needs help with her writing slump and what better solution than to have Drue help, after all it was their teamwork that resulted in her first and only number one bestseller. This seems like the best solution for them both so what can possibly go wrong?

Jennifer L. Hart gives readers a contemporary love story constructed by two achingly real main characters. I personally love Drue's snide comments as I have a fondness for men who are sarcastically witty and I love the fact that Dakota can definitely hold her own and even dish back some superb one-liners. Watching Drue discover aspects of his own personality, while helping Dakota and her family, was very rewarding and enjoyable for me. He reminds us that you need to look beyond appearances and get to the heart of someone before you can truly understand or judge them. The setting adds to the reader's understanding of the characters and the subtlety of it is well done. I usually enjoy my romances a little more on the fairy tale side of things but I was definitely entertained by this realistic love story, instead of glossing over the fact that we all come with baggage, it focuses on the fact that it can be overcome, that we all can have love and happiness. I am looking forward to more fascinating characters in this author's future releases.

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