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ISBN#: 9780425232712/9781101180303/9781101185117
February 2010
Heat/Penguin Group
328 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Genevieve “Genny” Bujold is a fashion designer who owns her own boutique. Despite this, she lives a quiet and solitary life. The one man she desires is beyond her reach or so she thinks.

Max Sauren is Genny’s dead husband.

Sean Kennedy is the one Genny desires though she has taken great pains to keep this knowledge from him and, in some respects, herself. He still runs the company half-owned by her husband when he was alive.

When Genny’s house burns to the ground in a freak fire, she goes to the one place left to her, the company penthouse. There is only one problem, Sean has been staying there, and he is there with a lover. Genny comes in and finds him in one of the bedrooms with the woman and despite herself, she cannot stop remembering the one time she had Sean, the time her husband shared her with him sexually. When Sean realizes she is there, he makes a point of getting rid of the woman who means nothing to him and is merely an outlet for his high sexuality. He wants and has only ever really wanted Genny. When he finds out her home burned down, he does what he can to comfort her, but Genny is not so sure she wants anything from Sean anymore. After all, most of her memories are wrapped up in the fact that her husband was murdered not long after the fateful night she was with both men. Since both she and Sean were suspects, and the fact that Sean ignored her calls at a time when she really needed him, she has done her best to avoid him. However, this time Sean has no intention of being ignored and will do everything he can to show Genny that he loves her and that he wants them to have a future together. As they become closer and their love begins renewing itself, strange occurrences begin happening. For instance, her boutique is broken into but nothing is stolen. It becomes quickly apparent that there are others who will do just about anything to keep them apart. The incident with Genny’s boutique makes it clear that the fire, and even possibly Max’s murder, are all somehow connected. Or are they? Nothing is at it seems and only time will tell if Genny and Sean can figure out what is really going on and still manage to also stay together.

Release is great erotic romance! I loved the premise for this story. I actually thought it was going to be rather sordid at first, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out the story read like a very erotic romantic suspense. The lovemaking scenes are positively scorching! Also, Ms. Kery did a fantastic job of drawing out the suspense and dropping the occasional clue; just enough to keep me the reader interested and turning pages. I love a good murder mystery, and the author really outdid herself with this one. Of course the love story is the main focal point and this one is a doozy, simply not to be missed. If you have never read a Beth Kery before, then I strongly urge you to go out and buy Release, you will not be sorry!

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