Coffee Time Romance & More




June 1 2009
Lyrical Press, Inc
205 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Melanie knew her sister’s husband, Riley, was dangerous. Now, she makes it her mission to protect her niece and nephew from him and knows that working with the handsome FBI agent will be the best way.

Agent Duncan McGregor is looking for a killer and is thrilled to be able to get close to Melanie. When he decides to pose as her new husband, their attraction increases, even though they know the danger remains.

As Riley gets closer to finding Melanie, another danger keeps Melanie and the kids threatened. Duncan will have to use all his assets to protect his case, and the woman who has become the focus in his life.

What an interesting mystery. It pulls on the reader's heart strings. The storyline is a bit melodramatic, but it is a fascinating read. The instant attraction played well off the horrific reasons that Duncan and Melanie are together. The kids seem a bit organized, but represent the maturity that many children in troubled homes experience. The work to make them a family was very well done and my favorite part of the book. The villain is a bit of a shock but added greatly to the storyline. While romantic, this is not a sexually graphic book, but one could feel the love between the characters. The dialogue between the characters is good and blends the different parts of the plot together.

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