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New Beginnings Series

Book One: Lost then Found
Book Two: Led Astray
Book Three: Safe and Sound
Book Four: Long Gone - May 2013
Book Five: Far and Away - November 2013

New Beginnings Book 3
ISBN: 9781612522333
November 2012
Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc
134 Pages
Christian Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Connor Stratford's wife's death happened when he was overseas serving his country. Although it has been a few years, he still has a hard time letting go and he still wants the man he believes killed her brought to justice. But the truth he believes just may not be what reality is.

Hannah, Connor’s wife, is actually alive and has been hiding from a killer for years. She has taken the identity of her friend; the woman who was really murdered. Now believing he has found her again, she heads the only place she can think of, home. Home is where it all began and hopefully will end.

With a woman who claims to be his wife and family members helping to unravel a murder, Connor is unsure of what to believe; his head or his heart. Where the truth is definitely stranger than fiction, they all need to try to stay alive and utilize their faith in God.

Lots of danger and mystery surround the Third book in the New Beginnings Series. It leaves the reader guessing just as much as the characters. However, I would recommend reading the series from the start as I found myself a bit confused about how many of the characters fit together. Other than that, I found Safe and Sound to be a very enjoyable read with characters that entertain you with their story.

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