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Gardner’s Gazebo Series
ISBN# 978-1-61116-143-4
February 2012
White Rose Publishing
139 pages
Christian Sweet Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Rachel Martin suddenly has a problem; A big problem. Her business partner has unexpectedly and suddenly packed up and left, and Rachel must find a way to make the catering and bakery shop stay afloat. Without enough cash on hand for supplies, she is unable to complete her longstanding order to Gardner’s Gazebo, the restaurant that features her delectable gold-leaf cheesecake.

Tim Gardner needs those cheesecake orders to draw in and keep customers happy at his family’s restaurant. Entrusted to keep the establishment open and running while his parents are away, Tim is taking his responsibilities very seriously, especially after his brother’s attempt at running the eatery was a disaster. He must ensure that Rachel delivers on her promise, or else he might lose business himself.

It seems like no matter how hard Rachel tries, she cannot get the break she needs in order to get her shop back on its feet. But through some soul-searching and prayer, Tim realizes he has a chance to deepen the attraction between them while helping Rachel out, in a sense, by being her Good Samaritan. In this way, both Tim and Rachel will be able to find strength within themselves and each other; enough to contemplate a very bright future.

This book shows the value inherent in helping another person out. The relationship between Tim and Rachel deepens only when they allow themselves to be vulnerable with one another, which is actually a sure sign of growth and strength. However, details such as the questionable way Rachel’s business partner deserted her and how the townsfolk do not help her mar the storyline a bit, as does their typecasting of her only as a good future wife and mother. This reviewer would have also liked to see slightly more development of what changes Tim goes through in his help and love for Rachel. Otherwise, it is a pleasant shorter read for fans of Christian romance.

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