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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-26685-2
September 2009
Worldwide Library
251 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

There are just some people in this world who seem to attract trouble, and unfortunately Dr. Dale Kinsall is one of those people. His last couple of years has been one problem after another, and he has never been one to walk away from a mystery.
Not having close family ties, Dr. Laura Nakai finds it difficult to open up and lean on other people. However, Dale is slowly chipping away at the barriers around her heart.

The fire in Ohio left Dale with lifelong asthma, but the eco-killers in Arizona may have damaged much more. He has become an embarrassment for the local police, and when mysterious threatening notes start appearing, it is just him and his dog, Sully, searching to find the culprit. The notes are just a precursor to something much more deadly, and when Laura becomes a victim, Dale feels it like a blow to his heart. Sully’s excellent nose and Dale’s relentless drive to have his questions answered may be the only thing to bring this criminal to justice.

Man’s best friend may be a bit cliché, but you cannot deny the bond between Dale and Sully. If you have never had the pleasure of being around the beagle breed, you are truly missing out; they are one of the most loving, loyal, and intelligent dogs any family could ever want. Sully is the perfect portrayal, with all of the personality quirks and traits so beloved in beagles, and Dale is his humble human companion. I love their relationship, and would really like to see more of that to include Laura.

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