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ISBN #: 978-1-4336-7115-9
B&H Publishing Group
Trade Paperback
345 Pages
Contemporary Fiction/Suspense/Christian
Rating: 3 Cups

The Shroud of Turin is purportedly the linen wrapped around Jesus Christ after the Crucifixion. The material shows the shadowy image of a man and has been the topic of debate and veneration for centuries.

Wesley Bright is a corrupt clergyman who does not believe. A tragedy in his childhood stripped him of his faith and he is determined to lead his followers away from the Church. He is charismatic, media savvy, and truly believes that he is right.

Archbishop Wesley Bright has everyone fooled, but despite his title, he is determined to destroy the Church in revenge for the tragic events of his childhood. The exhibition of the Shroud of Turin in New York is the perfect opportunity to present his views to a larger audience, but the mysterious piece of cloth is more than a match for a corrupt and disillusioned man.

This is an interesting story despite the choppy back and forth narration between different time periods. The Shroud is a fascinating subject that the author has made excellent use of. The plot is interesting and engrossing and the characters well developed and very realistic. Wesley Bright is a tormented character in search of something and he finds his answers, even if they are not what he expects. The author has done a wonderful job of researching her topic and created a story that is thought provoking and difficult to put aside.

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