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Warriors of the Rift Series
Book 1: Kiss of the Vampire
Book 2: Secret of the Wolf

Warriors of the Rift, Book 2
ISBN: (13)9780446585125
June 2012
336/384 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Tori Joseph is a no nonsense Preternatural with a werewolf-sized sense of responsibility. As liaison to the Council of Preternaturals, she is often forced to make tough decisions and render swift, decisive justice. With the recent rash of unprovoked werewolf attacks on humans, Tori cannot allow her focus to shift for even a moment, especially when forced to work cases with such an enticing partner.

Dante MacMillan is a human detective in a world of paranormal crime investigation. With a string of unsolved werewolf attacks, a sick sister and horses to care for at home, he has no time for romantic entanglements, not even if wrapped in an irresistible package like Tori Joseph, whom Dante believes has been keeping secrets about their case.

Dante has never intended to get involved with any woman, much less one like Tori who constantly lives on the edge of danger. As a human with a Preternatural lover, his loyalty is torn between Tori and his race. For Tori, falling for Dante means choosing humanity over everything else, maybe even her own family.

Tori Joseph is a strong, no nonsense supernatural being that can take care of herself. Though Dante MacMillan is a sexy and savvy human alpha male, he’s really no match for his werewolf lover. Secrets of the Wolf is the second book in a series. I would recommend readers begin with the first book, Kiss of the Vampire, and work from there. Enjoyment of this story hinges upon a good understanding of the workings and terminology of Ms. Garner’s unique fictional world.

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