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ISBN: 978-1-4201-1019-7
January 2011
406 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Ten years spent in prison will change anyone, and Eva Rayburn is no different. She may still look like a teenager, but the naïve young girl who trusted her best friends no longer exists.

It takes a lot for a seasoned homicide detective like Deacon Garrison to get riled up, but this case is anything but ordinary. He is drawn to a young woman who could very well be a primary suspect, but his instincts are telling him that she is much more likely to be the next target.

No phone, an apartment above the bar where she works, and no contact with her sister is not really living, but Eva is not ready to put herself out there just yet. Trusting people got her ten years for manslaughter, and now one of the girls who testified against her is dead. Garrison’s investigation reveals a connection in multiple murders, and Eva’s past is at the heart of it all. He wants very much to clear her name and give her a future free of the stigma of an ex-con, but first he will need to keep her alive.

A frighteningly focused and detailed mission of murder is written within every chapter of this book. Eva’s character is a complex mix of emotion, innocence, and steely resolve. The intensity of Garrison’s personality is also invigorating, and his refusal to back down against Eva’s defensiveness makes this challenging relationship much more exciting. There is nothing like a suspense thriller that keeps you quivering with anticipation, and this one will do just that.

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