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Sequel to Treasured
ISBN: 9780983589266
June 2011
Pink Petal Books
46 Pages
Erotic Paranormal (Magic) M/M Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The time he gets to spend with his lover is a treasured commodity for Daniel Hart. They live such different lives, but when they come together everything feels right.

He promised Danny this holiday, and despite the risks, Rhys Daveth will not disappoint his lover. He will always be looking over his shoulder, but that does not mean he does not deserve a life.

Venice at Christmas time is bound to be spectacular, but Danny has no inkling it is also about to become very deadly. He has very little knowledge of Rhys’ past, but it is about to rear its ugly head, and Danny is caught right in the middle. They agency hunting for Rhys will likely never stop, and the time might have come for him to make a very difficult decision.

The adrenaline never stops racing as you are swept along in a fury of passion and danger with Rhys and Danny. Danny is not quite as clueless as everyone seems to think, but I really like his humble and quiet nature. He is a mirror image of his lover, Rhys, but that only makes their relationship all the more interesting. I do suggest reading Treasured first, and definitely hope there will be a third, because their story does not feel at all finished.

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