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The Dragon Queen Series
Book 1 - Silent Screams


The Dragon Queen Series, Book 1
ISBN #: 9781904357745
September 2010
Red Rose Publishing
521 Pages
Urban Fantasy, Interracial/Multi-cultural, Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Sharayna Rayne is a talented singer in the hip hop world. She feels like she is standing on the top of the world but losing in her mind despite her fame.

Demetri is a vampire and unbeknownst to him the consort for the Dragon Queen. Unfortunately for him, the demons want her more.

Little does Sharayna know but her life is not all that it seems and her birth was in another realm. She is at the cusp of change, people she trusted are not who they seem and her world is spinning out of control.

The Dragon Queen Series promises to be erotically charged if Silent Scream is anything to go by. I loved Sharayna as a woman, and though she had no clue of her heritage, she is a true queen. The realms, both past and present, created by Yvonne Nicolas are wonderfully formed and descriptive enough to invite the reader in and take them flying with the paranormal. The best part of Silent Screams is Demetri, the vampire with a heart, who is extremely yummy and charming. I found Silent Screams an auspicious beginning to what promises to be a truly award winning series.

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