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ISBN# 978-0-9842828-9-0
December 2009
Dark Castle Lords
299 Pages
Ancient Historical Romance
Ratings: 4 Cups

Rolf was a sickly boy when he cared deeply for Edrea. She was his raven angel, he a poor peasant boy, until the day he is taken by the Vikings and his life changes.

Edrea has never forgotten Rolf. After tragedy strikes and she is taken from her home, years later catastrophe hits again, this time making her even stronger, and still curious about Rolf.

Rolf grew up remembering the scars placed on his body by a man not even his real father. After the Vikings rampage and destroy, taking him, and breaking up his family, he is determined to make a name for himself, never forgetting the young girl who stole his heart. Edrea cannot believe that once again she is being taken captive. Who is this Ulf Skaarnakke who plans to make her share his bed? Edrea, not only has to protect herself but also her friends. Rolf is no more and now goes by the name of Skaarnakke. Edrea means everything to him but explaining to him about the bold and fierce man who has taken Rolf’s place is not as easy as it may be. When Edrea learns the real truth about Rolf and Skaarnakke, will she find it in her heart to forgive what he has done?

I found Skaarnakke an entertaining tale. Edrea and Skaarnakke show a good deal of emotional conflict as they struggle through their endeavors, not only while they are younger but as they grow older and meet again. There are other secondary characters that come into play, making the story even more enjoyable and exciting. Ellen Margret delivers a refreshing tale of romance that has many twists and turns that is a delight to read. She tells a wonderful story that captures the mind and brings happiness to the heart.

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