Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781771307901
3 April 2014
Evernight Publishing
57 Pages
Futuristic, Erotic, Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Every year the carnival creates havoc around the city, making Sam’s job as an EMT all the more hectic.

A day of fun and partying turns into a nightmare for Saffron. One she may never wake up from.

Nearing the end of his shift, Sam is anxious to get home, only fate has other plans. Hosting a soul until the body can be cloned is usually pretty cut and dried. This time, Sam is in for a major surprise. Saffron is not only cognizant inside him, she is so strong willed. He is having a very hard time controlling his own body. Their time together is anything but easy, yet Sam is seeing more excitement in these few short days than he has in his life.

Sam is all for a little fun and entertainment, just not in quite the same way as Saffron. She is head-strong, opinionated, and ready to take Sam to unbelievable heights, whether he wants to or not. Starting out, this story is rather serious, as well as a little sweet. All of that changes the moment Saffron wakes up. From that moment on, there is all manner of new experiences for Sam, some of which I feel may be taken a little too far.

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