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ISBN#: (10)1-448-63134-3/(13)978-1-448-63134-6
August 2009
Prairie Star Publishing
Trade Paperback
188 Pages
Young Adult, Urban SF, Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Raea Dahlrich recalls the memories where she had wings at an early age but never imagined they would actually reappear when she turned eighteen.

Elis is Raea’s good friend who many claimed was a refugee.

Pallin Montran is from a small place and makes sure to single Raea out.

Of late, Raea has been having weird dreams of her mom. It is time she remembers who she is and about the crystal, especially after waking up one morning to discover she had wings. With the crystal being targeted, Raea must embrace the fact of who she really is. She feels she is in good company with Elis, whom she finds somber and alone. When Pallin arrives, Raea really likes him. He is easy on the eyes. Her aunt believes she should not get her hopes up because he might not even stay in the town and there is the matter of trusting him. Will Raea listen to her aunt, or follow her heart to unlock the truth about herself?

I found Starfire Angels a different sort of read. It has many diverse points with Raea and discovering about her wings, to caring for one boy as a good friend, only to have her heart touched when a new boy arrives. There is drama that had this reader taken in by what is happening with Raea. I thought she was an interesting character. She is able to connect with her friends even when things seem to be multiplying in her life. Melanie Nilles creates a story that not only young adults can enjoy but I believe any age will get some delight from this read. It definitely gives thought if one wakes to discover they are far from being normal and need to find a way to be accepted by all.

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