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A Shifting Circle Series

Book 1: The Shape of Desire
Book 2: Still life with Shape-Shifter

A Shifting Circle Novel, Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-425-25681-7
November 2012
ACE Books
Hard Cover
$25.95 US/$27.50 CAN
343 Pages
Shape-Shifter, Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Ten years old is pretty young to know you are the only thing standing between your sister and disaster, yet Melanie Landon knows. Melanie has lived every day since with the fear that Ann will not make it home and be hurt or killed like any other stray dog. Now that fear has, in a sense, become a reality.

Writing about the lives of shape-shifters is what brings Brody Westerbrook to Melanie’s door, even though she vehemently denies any such knowledge. His persistence does not win him any favors, but he is unable stay away from someone who loves with her whole being.

The deterioration in Ann’s health is terrifying for Melanie, especially when there is no way she can just stop in at the nearest ER. It is Brody, however, the man who could have torn her world apart, who becomes her rock as Ann gets weaker and weaker. With his extensive research into the shape-shifter world Brody knows of a doctor who may be able to help. Melanie will do anything to save Ann’s life; even if it means taking some extreme and drastic measures.

You have never read a shape-shifter novel more real and human than these written by Ms. Shinn. These characters are not the super-human live forever, omni-powerful shifters mass produced by so many authors, but ones so remarkably real and fallible they are completely believable. The human perspective is a constant and wonderfully comprehensive, although there are times when I would love to know what is going on in the minds of the shifters. Even during the lightest moments there is a solemnity to this story that is undeniable and you feel for each and every one of these characters.

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