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ISBN- 13:9780373773831
July 2009
Harlequin Books
$7.99 US/ $8.99 CAN
313 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Isadora “Izzy” Titan is the youngest daughter of tycoon, Jed Titan. She has never measured up in her father’s eyes. She lives her life looking for the next adrenaline rush, until an explosion on an oil rig leaves her with only thirty percent of her sight. For a month, she sits in the window just letting life pass her by. Her sisters, Lexi and Skye, hire someone to kidnap her… someone who can help her get her life back on track.

Nick Hollister is a man who has many layers. He graduated from high school at the age of fifteen and continued on to college. He worked with his best friend, Garth Duncan, trying to find new ways of extracting oil from the earth. Things happened to them both when they were in South America, but Nick is the one who is trying to repay society. His ranch is devoted to helping children who come from bad situations, to heal. Kidnapping Izzy Titan may be the worst—or best—thing he has ever done.

Jed Titan is a ruthless man, even when it comes to his daughters. Many years ago, Jed turned his illegitimate son, Garth Duncan, away when he came seeking help for his mother. Now the Garth is bent on revenge and he does not care who he hurts until he hurts the man who saved his life, Nick Hollister. Nick’s main job is to convince Izzy to have the surgery she needs to restore her sight, but she is petrified of losing what little sight she has if the surgery goes wrong. Izzy becomes Nick’s worst nightmare and greatest dream all in one gorgeous package.

I, like Nick, thought Izzy was just another poor little rich girl. It was not until I read further into the story that I discovered this woman has many issues. That was when my heart opened up and fell in love with her character. Nick is the perfect man for her. He is just as strong-willed and determined as she is. His flaws make him perfect in the eyes of this reviewer. This book is the third in the Lone Star Sisters series but Ms. Mallery has written this installment in such a way that it stands on its own. These sisters are fiery and passionate, two things I adore in my heroines. I have a very sneaky suspicion the other books in this series will be sitting on my shelf before long.

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