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Tobie Guinness Novel

Book 1: The Archangel Project
Book 2: The Solomon Effect
Book 3: The Babylonian Codex

Tobie Guinness Novel, Book 3
ISBN #: 9780061689369
December 2010
Mass Market Paperback
353 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

October “Tobie” Guinness is an Iraq war veteran who has the gift of remote viewing. Her powers are improving all the time, making her of great interest to government authorities who see her as a tool, albeit an unreliable one.

Jax Alexander is a CIA Agent and a bit of a wild card. He is unconventional but gets the job done. He has worked with Tobie in the past, and she trusts him with her life.

When a priceless artifact is stolen from the war zone of Baghdad, the FBI asks for Tobie’s help. While she is remote viewing the artifact, someone murders the FBI agents who were supposed to guard her. Now a fugitive and the target of terrorists, she turns to her sometime partner, Jax, for help.

The suspense and action starts almost on the first page of the novel. Jax and Tobie are in constant danger during their investigation, which takes them to wide ranging parts of the globe. The two are working against the clock and that tension is transmitted to the reader. The plot is topical, appropriate to the current world situation and impossible to put down. Tobie and Jax are an unbeatable team and I hope to read many more of their adventures.

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