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ISBN: 9780061965760/ 9780062079190
August 2011
Avon Books, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
Print/ ePub
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Anaïs de Rohan has known since she was young that her destiny lies with the Fraternitas Aureae Crucis. It just happens to be an all male society and her entry is a little more complicated than she thought it would be.

Lord Geoff Bessett throws down the gauntlet when Anaïs enters their secret society. She will help him with his mission, and in return will prove that she is worthy of their all male order.

Anaïs and Geoff pretend to be a married couple and they soon find themselves entangled in intrigue, danger, and passion. What begins as a mission to save a little girl with an unbelievable gift soon becomes more. Now Geoff and Anaïs must not only figure out how to get the gifted girl out of the clutches of a madman, but they will have to try to survive the love that has grown between them. Will they be able to accomplish their mission when so many aspects are at stake?

Ms. Carlyle introduces us to a world full of mystery, suspense, and a destiny that neither saw coming. I like how The Bride Wore Scarlet has both characters expecting their lives to turn out differently than they do. I did find some of the storyline confusing as I tried to grasp what was going on, especially in a couple of chapters. Soon I was caught in the plot as I watched Anaïs prove herself time and again and earn the respect from Geoff that she wants. This is an interesting tale that will keep you reading as Anaïs and Geoff try to save a little girl as well as their hearts.

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