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Workplace Encounters Series
Book 1 - The Elevator Mechanic
Book 2 - The Chauffeur

Book 2 in the Workplace Encounters Series
ISBN#: 9781920484521
January 2010
Silver Publishing
168 Pages
M/M, Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Kyle Anderson used to be a high paid model, but then he was in a car accident that left him with scars. That topped with him being gay loses him his family, money, and prestige he once had.

Nick Giddings works in a factory and does not even have a high school diploma. He is just barely getting by financially.

When Kyle’s family abandoned him, he went looking for the only other family he has, an uncle who he has never met. Fortunately for him, his uncle is willing to give him a job as a chauffeur for his limo company, and a roof over his head. Unfortunately, that is about all the man is willing to give, and Kyle has learned his lesson about coming out to family, he does not tell his uncle he is gay. However, he is not making enough money from his chauffeur job to be able to eventually move out and get his own place, so he takes a job as a stripper in a gay club to supplement his income. He does not really like it, but knows if he is to ever to be able to live on his own, he needs to do it. One night Nick is there and is entranced by the sexy stripper with the mask covering most of his face. He takes a chance and manages to convince one of the bouncers that he is interested in meeting Kyle and going for coffee. Well, the two never make it to coffee, and instead a highly arousing encounter ensues. Each goes their own way thinking they will probably never see the other again, but then Nick spots Kyle in a limo outside the factory he works in. He gets his first look at Kyle’s face and to Kyle’s astonishment is not repulsed at all. The two begin dating and forming a relationship. Then Kyle’s uncle begins pushing him very hard about his life choices. He pushes women at Kyle, and dangles the company and the possibility of being his heir in Kyle’s face. Then he makes the ultimate ultimatum. Will Kyle allow his uncle to push him into a life he wants no part of? Will he give up Nick in favor of financial security?

I really enjoyed reading The Chauffeur! Ms. Yates is a truly talented author who writes the absolute best contemporary m/m romances. Seriously, if you love happy ever afters with just the right touch of angst and suspense, you do not want to miss this book or any others by Ms. Yates. Kyle and Nick seem to step off the pages for the reader and are so realistic that they could be one of any number of regular people. It is so easy to relate to them and what they are going through. The lovemaking scenes are scorching hot and just add depth to an already fantastic story. I cannot recommend this book enough, so be sure and pick up your copy today! You will be very happy you did.

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