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ISBN# 9780399164453
April 15, 2014
496 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Lila Emerson loves her life as a professional house sitter. It is the perfect job for a writer. Everyday is a chance to see real life stories as she peeks into the windows of her temporary neighbors to glimpse drama in action, until the night she sees a murder in progress and watches a woman fall to her death.

Ashton Archer knows his brother Oliver was reckless and irresponsible, but he was not the type to murder his lover and then shoot himself. Determined to prove the detectives wrong, Ash tracks down the supposed witness. Not only is Lila willing to listen, she offers to help. As the two begin to unravel the complex mess left behind, they discover a rather distracting mutual attraction neither can ignore.

As the evidence of foul play piles up, Ash and Lila begin to suspect there are more players in the game. Someone seems to be dogging their steps and invading their sanctuaries. It is a magpie that scoops up everything from trendy shoes and perfume to high-end antiques. Except this collector is willing to kill over and over again.

This fast paced novel will suck you right in and take you for a wild ride. The plot twists just keep coming as the intricate story unfolds. Ash and Lila are the type of couple you want to add to your group of friends because you just know they are good people. All in all a highly entertaining read!

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