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ISBN# 978-0-515-15111-4
February 26, 2013
Jove Historical
336 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lady Cassandra Vernham would rather be a scandalous lady than some man’s doormat. Her decision not to marry the man who compromised her honor left her reputation in tatters. Cassandra does not mind being independent and notorious as long as she can continue to care for her aging Aunt Sophie. Sophie provided Cassandra with a home and acceptance when it was needed most; a favor that must now be returned.

Viscount Ambury has always been fascinated by Cassandra’s beauty and spunk. When tying up some loose ends of his father’s estate, Ambury finds himself wondering just how Cassandra and her aunt came by their collection of jewels. He has always loved a good mystery, but this latest puzzle seems to have Ambury stepping all over Cassandra’s independent feet. Knowing firsthand just how much a man will give to a beautiful woman, Ambury is determined to ferret out the truth.

Cassandra desperately needs the funds from the sale of her aunt’s jewels to keep her brother from taking control of their lives. Why Ambury seems determined to get in her way, Cassandra cannot imagine. As she finds herself bumping up against the handsome Viscount at every turn, she is intrigued against her good sense. Yet the more they learn about their inexplicably linked pasts, the more Cassandra just cannot seem to get enough of the one man who can convince her to give in.

There is nothing more fascinating than watching love blossom between two people who are so obviously determined to think the worst of each other. However, as titillating as it is, the friction can also be just a little overwhelming to the reader. Cassandra is almost too stubborn, leaving the reader wondering just why Ambury continues to bother. Truly, the book is saved by a fascinating twist at the end that no reader will want to miss.

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