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ISBN#: 9781615817344
March 2011
Dreamspinner Press
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Dante is a young Italian man, the adopted son of an Italian noble, who lives during the Renaissance.

Rouen is a young Italian nobleman whose father also happens to be his uncle since his parents are brother and sister.

Lilith is the vampire goddess and the one who changes Dante into a vampire.

Valentine is a young prostitute, and later pardoner with a club foot that Rouen loves. He is also an epileptic who is psychic.

Serenola is a fanatical catholic priest.

When Dante is only twenty, Lillith attacks him and turns him into an immortal vampire. He likes some of the power that comes with being a vampire but does not like how it makes him feel and view other humans. He kills easily in this life, but it is not long before guilt overcomes him and he turns to prostitution as a means to pay for what he perceives to be the sins he has committed. During his journey to understanding what it means to be vampire, he meets Rouen, a young Italian noble man who he attempts to feed from in a tavern. Rouen gets away, but it is not long before they see each other again. When they do, it is only for Rouen to watch in horror as a close friend of his attacks Dante. Dante drives him away in anger until another meeting in which Dante eventually turns Rouen in order to save him from the Plague ravaging Europe which he has contracted. The two stay together and do their best to avoid Lillith, who they perceive as evil incarnate, only to find themselves pursued by Serenola, a fantatical catholic priest, and others like him within the church who want to destroy those like Dante and Rouen. Into this mix comes Valentine, who has become a pardoner and who has sought Rouen out for help because he has contracted the Plague. The two change Valentine, but it is Valentine’s connections to the church that may become their downfall. Will the three be able to stay together? Will Dante ever come to grips with his feelings for Rouen, and will Rouen ever wake up and realize that Dante is the one for him, or will Rouen’s feelings for Valentine come between them?

The Eye of Heaven is one of the most historically accurate descriptions of what Italy and Europe must have been like during the Plague that I have ever read. I felt like I was right there experiencing the horror of watching all those I loved become sick and die. The descriptions of Renaissance Italy and Europe were also superb and really give flavor to this tale of love. The love that Dante and Rouen have for each other, and that Rouen has for Valentine, is very well described. I liked how Ms. Soper-Cook showed the different types of love between these three men, as well as, the love for their families and friends. The struggle between good and evil is very strong in this book, but there were definitely gray areas where I really had to stop and think about what message the author was trying to give, especially those scenes where Dante killed so easily and seemed to experience little if any remorse. If you enjoy historical m/m romance with a lot of angst, then you definitely do not want to miss The Eye of Heaven. I highly recommend it!

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