Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 978-1456571764 & 1456571761
April 2007 /
206 pages
Lesbian Romance
Rating 4 cups

Emma, following in her father’s footsteps, trained to be an accountant even though she wanted to be an artist. Now, she is planning her wedding or rather allowing Colin to plan their wedding while she agrees with everything he and her father say. Until she meets Haley.

Haley is visiting the area for her work when she bumps into Emma. As an apology for the small accident, Haley takes Emma for coffee and promises to keep in touch when she returns to her home near the Rocky Mountains.

Haley is everything Emma wishes she could be. Confident, successful, and happy to be who she is. When Emma starts to have feelings for Haley that she has never had for her loving fiancé, it is time to think seriously about where she wants her life to go.

This is an exceptional story showing how love can give us the strength we need to be true to ourselves even if we think no body else will agree. Haley is outgoing and exceptionally confident in her own abilities. As her opposite, Emma usually allows everyone to make choices for her but soon learns to be strong in order to be with her new love.

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