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ISBN: 978-1-60394-653-7
February 2010
New Concepts Publishing
192 Pages
Paranormal Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Molly Coan is on the run from false accusations, so a want-ad asking for a secretary in a small town seems a perfect opportunity to hide. When she almost arrives at the town, she is warned of the albino stag that roams the property which is believed to steal people’s souls. Thinking that she is going there for a simple position, she finds more. One of those more things being Thomas, the owner of White Buck Hall

Thomas Hillyer, a wizard, does not need any new disruption to his work and life. After a run-in with the stag that Molly has, Thomas goes through Molly’s things to find out about her. He finds a surprise connection, and begins to wonder if she will be with or against him. Regardless of the feelings, he has to make a decision concerning her.

Molly settles in thinking she is safe, and works to get the position. Her troubles follow her anyway, but Thomas decides to help her. Through all of this is the mystery of the white stag, and the visions Molly is having with it in them. Are they real in foretelling the future, or is she making them up some how?

Some elements of the story seemed to end abruptly with quick resolutions, and I got the feeling I might have missed something while reading. The characters were all original and had qualities about them that were entertaining to read, but not just the main ones. Even with the feeling I might have missed something, this was an enjoyable read. More stories in this world would be a good thing because the world created by Ms. Marzec is extremely interesting and looks to have a lot of potential in it.

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