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ISBN# (10): 1-60370-768-9/(13): 978-1-60370-768-8
July 22, 2009
Torquere Press
113 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Nick hates being on a job when it is raining but having someone spoil his setup really ticks him off. To top matters, he invites the guy to stay with him, then offers protection.

Ty is in between jobs. He has a special talent that makes him an easy target for some bad men. He turns to Nick for help, never anticipating the events that would follow.

Nick does not like Ty’s interference. Who is he and who is he working for? Ty knows a bit about Nick, making Nick wonder how this kid is so familiar with his life. He is curious as to why Ty is running. Needing a place to stay, Nick allows Ty to crash with him. He soon discovers Ty has a gift that has do with fire. Sometimes he can control it, then it can come at the worst of times. What burns more inside Ty is being alone with Nick. He wants to find a way to express his love. He does not want to lose Nick to any bad guys. Will Nick soon realize that Ty is the most important person in his life as each day draws them closer?

The Fire Inside is an extraordinary work of art. There were times the expressions of Ty and Nick were so real, I was in awe. Their passions are indeed genuine, and when they hold back or keep their sensations intact, the whole emotional contact grabs the reader. Julia Talbot inspires a read where she molds the players true to life. The quick dialogue, with bite and great characterization between Nick and Ty, is well-spun. With a bit of intrigue, and dynamite players, woven into this action-packed story, it is a different kind of story with heated romance oozing within the pages.

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