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ISBN: 978-0-352-34533-2
September 29, 2009
Black Lace, an Imprint of Virgin Books Ltd.
£7.99 / $12.95
251 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Turning down an undercover assignment coming straight from the top of the fraud squad division is not an option for WPC Cressida Farleigh. But using her body as a sexual lure is not something she is terribly comfortable with and neither is her boyfriend.
The suspicion hovering around his gallery is starting to annoy Guy Cronje, and being annoyed is seriously trying his patience, which is a commodity that he severely lacks in most aspects of his life, especially when it comes to women.

Being told that she is a trifle plain and unassuming, even when she is aware of these traits, is very disheartening for Cressida. But taking the time to spruce herself up has never been especially important in her line of work, until now. She is to ingratiate herself with the owner of an art gallery, under investigation by the fraud squad, and use whatever means necessary to gain his confidence. Guy is a great purveyor of women, and years of experience has finely honed his craft, making him quite sure there is more to his new receptionist than meets the eye.

The build up to the main event seems like a long time in coming for Cressida and Guy. Which I feel is somewhat out of character for Guy’s personality type. He is most certainly a man who knows what he wants and has no trouble taking it, but with Cressida, he tends to dance around the issue. I have no doubt, however, that their volatile personalities and sexually explosive liaisons will keep you riveted to every word.

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