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ISBN: 978-1-907-36614-7
Dec 2010
Vamplit Publishing
138 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Gothic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Following a horrible tragedy, Miss Rose Baines is carted away to an insane asylum. She narrates the events of her early upbringing and, with unflinching honesty, takes the reader with her on the convoluted and strange path that will lead her to a new and terrible destiny.

Doctor Bannion has a singular and peculiar interest in Rose Baines from the start. He seems kindly and concerned for her well-being, procures work for her with an associate, and seems to retain his benevolence even after their paths in life appear to diverge.

As the story unfolds, Rose continuously demonstrates a sweetness and gentleness of spirit, even as she finds her world forever changed. A new benefactress, Mrs. Darton, is quite taken with the shy young woman but it is her children and husband, a reserved, mainly absent, mystery who quietly lays claim to Rose’s heart and soul.

This is an unusual horror tale told from the perspective of a beautiful young woman who endures ghastly abuses and unimaginable loss yet still manages to cling to sanity even under the most insane conditions and circumstances. At its core is the great, eternal power struggle featuring demons and fallen angels. Underlying it all, though, is the question: if redemption is never possible, what point is there in an eternal existence? I love the gothic tone that is flawlessly carried throughout the entire book. The story flows very well with seamless transitions and believable dialogues. There is nothing ethereal about the dark movie playing in the recesses of my imagination as I rapidly clicked through the pages on my kindle; the images that were invoked in my mind are substantive, very well-formed, and often gruesome. This is truly an outstanding horror tale that provokes deeper thought even as it scares you out of your wits.

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