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Sigma Series
Book 1: Sandstorm
Book 2: Map of Bones
Book 3: Black Order
Book 4: The Judas Strain
Book 5: The Last Oracle
Book 6: The Doomsday Key
Book 7: The Skeleton Key
Book 8: The Devil Colony
Book 9: Tracker
Book 10: Bloodline
Book 11: The Eye of God
Book 12: The Sixth Extinction

ISBN # 978-0-06-123095-0
July 2009
$ 7.99 US/ $8.99 CAN
496 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Commander Gray Pierce is on his way to the Sigma Force's hidden offices when he encounters a homeless man who gives him a coin and then dies in his arms. This is the catalyst that sends Gray on a worldwide quest to find answers.

The Jasons are a group of scientists that believe they have found a way to harvest the specific talent trapped inside autistic children. They want to use it to make a new and perfect world with a new world power and a new leader for that world.

Gray and others trek across the globe trying to discover clues in hope of stopping what may be the worst catastrophe the world has ever seen. That is if they can stay alive. As determined they are to win, someone is just as determined to kill them before that happens.

The Last Oracle is an action-packed adventure in a book. One can only wish that an idea like the one expressed in the book would never happen to the world. Great characters and a wild storyline is not the only thing Mr. Rollins has penned for the reader. He also gives great details of the countries and backgrounds of the people, resulting in a detailed geography/history lesson.

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