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ISBN#: 978-0-307-27186-0
February 2010
Alfred A. Knopf, Publisher, New York
367 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Birgitta Roslin is taking a long hard look at her life while she is home on medical leave from her position as a judge for the Hesjövallen court system. However, getting embroiled in a murder mystery is probably not what her doctor intended, nor is it going to help her withering marriage.

Few men are willing or able to devote years of their life to righting a wrong nearly 150 years old, but Ya Ru is very much that man. He has proven time and again how very powerful and dedicated he is when the cause suits him, and has more than enough money and influence to make things happen.

The incomparable massacre of a small Swedish hamlet has everyone taking notice, but Birgitta finds something that hits much closer to home. She is somewhat related to the people in this village, and discovering those ties has chills racing down her spine. She is finding that these murders are not the spontaneous actions of a madman, but the well orchestrated plan of a sociopath. What she has no concept of is the depth and breadth to which this crime relates, or how many millions could soon be affected.

There is a bone-chilling coldness that pervades your very core when you realize just how cunning and powerful the plot and characters of this story are. What is even more terrifying, is knowing that these type of people do exist, and that they are some of the most prominent and influential icons in business and government anywhere. And though I felt bogged down by the lengthy dissertation on the political and socioeconomic climate of China, it builds the foundation on why this country is so powerful and yet still struggling. There is also an uncanny similarity between Birgitta and Ya Ru, as they are both extremely intelligent and formidable characters whose views and beliefs only differ in how they are executed.

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