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Mystic Danger Series
Book 1: The Mark of Cain
Book 2: From the Ashes

Book One in the Mystic Danger Series
ISBN: 9781607352693
March 2011
Resplendence Publishing, LLC
48 Pages
GLBT; Paranormal Erotic Romance; Shape-Shifter; Heat Level-Garnet
Rating: 3 Cups

Gage has traveled from New Orleans, Louisiana to Tahlequah, Oklahoma in search of his elusive lover. He is trying to figure out how the night of passion that he experienced with Ross ended in a panther scratching him, getting shot, and the police looking at him like he was crazy.

Cain, AKA Ross, is in the witness protection program and he also happens to be a panther shape-shifter. What Cain experiences with the other man makes him realize that Gage is his one true mate. But the panther does not want Gage in the middle of danger so Cain leaves even though his heart tells him to stay.

Although Gage saw Cain shift into a panther with his own two eyes, he knows he must get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the shooting that took place in the hotel room. Finding Cain is just the beginning as Gage meets one shape-shifting family member after another and opens his eyes to a whole new world. Will Gage and Cain be able to get the happily ever after they have both been searching for?

What I did like about The Mark of Cain was Gage’s determination to get to the bottom of whom or what his lover is. Ms. Cole shows us a world full of mystical creatures and danger around every corner. I do wish there could have been more substance in the story pertaining to Gage and Cain’s relationship. It had me feeling as if I had jumped into the middle of a book without really getting the chance to see the developing connection. The action intensified the further I got into this novel and it allowed me to let go of the missing pieces of this story and just enjoy the tale to the end.

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