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ISBN#: 9781554872695
April 2009
eXtasy Books
365 Pages
Romance; Paranormal; Contemporary; Werewolf; Shapeshifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Sebastian Malone knows one thing for sure. Searching for Samantha Woods, his King’s twin sister, there is a destiny that awaits him, one that will show him who is True Mate is.

Catalina Gasalla comes home from a trip to the USA to find an empty house, a horse that has been butchered, and a threat written in blood. When Sebastian shows up in search of her adopted sister, her body and soul recognize him as her True Mate and their instant attraction flares.

Before they can discover more about the lust that courses through their veins, Sebastian and Catalina must escape from the madmen after Samantha. Running for their very lives, they make their way back to Sebastian’s King, Sam Woods and the protection he can offer. With the search on for Samantha, both good and evil will pit against each other in a battle of domination and destruction, with death as the outcome. Who will survive and who will fall when alliances are formed, enemies are found, and traitors are revealed?

Once again we get to see the amazing work done by Ms. Leigh; The Protector’s Keeper is another great example of how talented this author really is. As part of The Protector’s Series, we get to revisit old characters and see some new ones as well. The imagination and creativity this novel shows depicts a shifter’s world at its peak, with only a couple of spots that slowed the plot down. Sebastian and Catalina have an attraction that practically sizzles when they are together and lust that will overwhelm your senses. The sex scenes are blistering, the men are scorching, the women are strong, and the ending will leave you pleading for more Loup-garou tales and their remarkable adventures.

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