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ISBN#: 9781611246032
May 2014
Amber Quill Press
118 Pages
Gay / Fantasy / Shapeshifter / Action / Adventure / Interracial / Multicultural
Rating: 5 Cups

Sergei Tavrovsky has always kept to himself because of his secret, that he shifts into a Siberian tiger every full moon. He works at Amurskova University in Siberia as an AV computer tech. However, one man, Grigorij Sokoloff has caught his attention.

Grigorij Sokoloff is a biology professor at the same university, and is a conservationist who wants to save wild animals, particularly the Siberian tiger. He has been attracted to Sergei for a while.

Grigorij has been looking for a reason to get close to Sergei for a while, and he decides the best way to do so since trying to engage the man in pleasantries does not seem to be working, is to have him help with a film on conservation. Grigorij wants to engage both youngsters and adults and he knows Sergei can help him do it. Armed with his plan and hoping to get close to Sergei, Grigorij makes an appointment and finally has an opportunity to get up close and personal with Sergei. As pleasurable as that is for the both of them, Sergei is still harboring a secret that he dare not share. After one wonderful night, Sergei attempts to break it off gently, and it almost works, that is until Grigorij decides he will not take no for an answer. While poachers have been very much a reality, and Sergei more than anyone understands the dangers, on the night of a full moon, he runs into both the poachers and his lover. When his secret comes out will Grigorij accept him as he is, or run from him in horror, or worse reveal his secret to others?

This was a fantastic story with realistic characters and scenarios. I could not put it down once I started reading, it is an absolutely wonderful read. The author clearly either did her research on Russia or has visited the country and Siberia and has learned of the people and the culture. She wrote this story so well, that I could not tell which. The extra cultural information made this story so much richer. The love story is wonderful and I loved how emotional it was and how the two men came together. The fact is the story is so well written it could be fact rather than fiction. Kudos to Ms. Valdez for writing a story that kept my attention and was truly enjoyable. If you love shifter stories, do not miss this one, you will add it to your library of favorites in no time, I guarantee it!

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