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Regency Rogues Series

Book 1: The Devil in Disguise
Book 2: The Angel in My Arms
Book 3: The Sinner Who Seduced Me
Book 4: The Saint Who Stole my Heart
Book 5: The Scoundrel takes a Bride

A Regency Rogues Novel, Book 3
ISBN: 9780345517418/ 9780345517449
August 2011
Ballantine Books
Print/ eBook
288 Pages/ 320 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Five years ago, Clarissa Collins thought she was in love with James Marlowe. Then a horrific secret came out about her father and when she questioned her beau’s love for her, he did not answer the way she wanted him to. It left her with a broken heart and determined to never fall for a seductive man again.

James Marlowe knew that what Clarissa saw as a dreadful occurrence was in fact something that had to do with the spy agency he worked for. However, he was not at liberty to discuss the secrets with his love and when he asked her to trust him, she would not. He left with a broken heart and vowed to never love again.

When Clarissa sees James once again, she wants nothing more than to get revenge for the havoc he dealt her heart. But there is a dangerous game she is playing and he is right in the middle of it. She is being blackmailed to paint a portrait of Iris, a young woman who is used to getting her own way. While Clarissa wants no part in the nefarious plot the malicious men are planning, James is always at her back making sure she does what needs to be done. Along the way, Clarissa and James will find their questions answered from their falling out and soon they find themselves once again loving each other but it may be too late.

Clarissa is this bold, hot-tempered woman who seems to feel every emotion ten times more than the normal person. James is a man who tries to look at things through calculating eyes and it creates a huge barrier between the artist that Clarissa is and the spy that is James. Ms. Sloane takes her series one step forward when we see two people who have a torrid past come together in a clashing tidal wave of anger, past love, lust, and danger. We agonize along with Clarissa as she tries to figure out how best to help James out of his sticky situations; we laugh at the antics the main characters get into as a result of Iris’ rather interesting adventures; and we feel their pain as Clarissa and James finally realize how much their past destroyed each others’ tender hearts. Whether you are a new fan of Ms. Sloane’s or you have read her before, you will thoroughly enjoy perusing this passionate tale about love a second time around.

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