Coffee Time Romance & More




October 24, 2009
186 pages
Young Adult Romance
Rating 3 Cups

Wisteria has never recovered or forgiven herself for the accidental death of her baby brother. But when he walks back into her life as a very wet but mature toddler ghost, she gets an even bigger shock. Wisteria is a soul catcher and has unintentionally built a net above the earth stopping souls from entering heaven. Something she soon finds could risk her own soul.

Gavriel has never really fit in as an angel but since he died selflessly saving his young niece, is now an angel and a high-ranking one at that. His new assignment however, is not to his liking. Charged with attracting Wisteria so she falls in love with him and stops catching souls, is not his idea of a fun pass-time.

Wisteria is enthralled with Damien (aka Gavriel) from the moment she meets him but does not realize that he also has feelings for her. Wisteria must not only learn about her powers but also find the twelve animals of the Chinese calendar to protect her soul from a very angry angel who is soon chasing both her and Damien.

This Story has the potential to be the start of a great series. The Characters are well written and vibrant. Wisteria is a typically confused teenager and Damien is a selfish, self-centred man who gives himself to Wisteria in what is only his second selfless act. The story is somewhat difficult to follow as it jumps from one time period to another in a seemingly random way, which takes a great deal away from what otherwise could be an exciting read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More.



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