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ISBN: (10)1453884637/ (13)978-1453884638 - print/ASIN: B004BLJCJ4 -ebook
Oct 2010
Solstice Publishing
Paperback / E-Book
$17.99/ $7.99
358 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Detective Frank Diaz is the lead investigator when a co-ed is found murdered in a lonely stretch of woods on the campus of a small university in Florida.

Detective Diaz calls an old friend, Professor Steven Archer, for consulting help, because it appears the murder victim was playing a new cell phone game. Archer is in charge of the WILCO project, a joint venture between the college and USA Wireless.

There are few clues and several puzzling aspects to the case. Archer works with Frank; trying to crack the case by scrutinizing the game’s computer code for discrepancies. His beloved niece is a freshman at the school, and he fears for her safety. Bobbi Cline is a campus news reporter who stumbles on the crime scene; she is determined to scoop the story.

The characters are likable and are depicted with believable goals, aspirations, motives and characteristics. The dialogues sound authentic and are helpful in moving the story forward. I especially like the description of the game and its various play modes. It seemed like a game that college age students, in particular, would enjoy playing. All-in-all, I found this novel to be a nicely-structured mystery that conveys a realistic and quite visceral sense of atmosphere throughout. For example, in the huge, ice-cold room filled with the ear-deafening noise of enormous mainframe computers, I could feel the goose bumps rise on my arms as Bobbi gleams information from an unattractive computer geek. Later, playing the game, she is outside in the hot humidity of a dark night. Running across campus, I felt my heart-pound and my pulse race right along with hers, as she races to capture the prize. The realistic descriptions kept my eyes glued to pages as I read with a voracious, gluttonous appetite, greedily devouring the words until, at last, reaching the thrilling conclusion, I was sated.

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