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ISBN#: 9781608200566
June 2009
MLR Press
280 Pages
m/m paranormal erotica
Rating: 5 cups

Michael Ballantyne has been dreaming about a very sexy man for weeks and it is making his less than perfect boyfriend seem even more undesirable. If the dreams are not strange enough he gets a message to contact a British Solicitor about the will of a man he has never heard of. When he is told that he must get the next plane to England or lose his very substantial inheritance he decides to take the risk, only to find he is now the owner of a country home and has five million pounds in his bank account, oh and a sixty year old murder to solve.

Jonathon Roberson is also concerned with having very sexy dreams about a man he has never met. Until the day he has an inexplicable urge to visit the graveyard in a nearby town. There he comes face to face with the man of his dreams. Michael it seems knows him as well and they soon find themselves replaying the dreams in real life.

Michael and Jonathon soon realise that it is not themselves they have been dreaming about but Michael’s uncle and Jonathon’s grandfather. They must work together to help solve the murders of both men and keep the same thing from happening again.

Mr. Bowie again offers us a complex story full of mystery and good-looking men who have eyes only for each other. Jonathon especially appealed to my English sense of humour. He is typically English and has fun teasing Michael with words, phrases and food such as fried bread that the poor American does not know. Michael is sweet and loving, and it is no wonder that Jonathon worries about him so much.

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