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Love’s Bayou, Book 1
ISBN# 9781465987846
January 2012
Southern Desires Publishing
125 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

Bri is a beautiful forty-something woman, still recovering from her abusive marriage. Having inherited an old plantation from her favorite aunt, she is planning to use it to support herself.

Clay LeDeux is a Dom looking for his perfect sub for a long time. He is tall, handsome and very masterful. He has served in the Special Forces and has a security firm, in addition to his calling as a Master. Blade LeDeux is Clay’s brother. He is much less trusting and harder edged than his brother. He has the same military background and is also a Master.

After her aunt’s death, Bri moves to Love’s Bayou and turns her inheritance into Club Amour, a BDSM club, on the advice of her best friend, Callie. She is not into that scene, so does not want anyone to know she is the owner and hires an experienced Dom to run the club for her. Clay LeDeux sees through her pretense and knows that Bri is the sub he and his brother are looking for. They just have to introduce her to her true nature and keep her alive.

This book combines an excellent romantic suspense with the eroticism of a BDSM ménage. Clay and Blade are excellent alpha heroes, even if they are a bit too heavy handed at times. Their mistakes in their courtship of Bri make the story even more interesting. Bri’s ex-husband and his cohorts make up a team of some of the vilest villains that I have ever read about. The author gradually builds the romantic tension, as well as the suspense aspects. I have been at the edge of my seat by the end of the story. I really like Bri’s character and understand her need for secrecy, despite the unusually open society in Love’s Bayou. The other characters are also very well written and real. I am looking forward to my next trip to Love’s Bayou.

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