ISBN 1-4199-0028-5
September 2004
Ellora's Cave Publishing
236 Pages

MAC'S LAW by Sarah McCarty is a great book.  A contemporary submission, MAC'S
LAW contains in-depth plotlines, a well-developed background, detailed character
analysis, and terrific love scenes.  

The story begins when Mac, a rancher desperate for a cook, meets Jessica, a very
cute cook who came to the remote Texas location ready and willing to make major
changes in her life.  In Jessica, Mac sees a woman he wants badly, but he does not
believe she is strong enough for ranch life.  Even worse, Mac thinks Jessica is too
innocent to enjoy the dominating sexual lifestyle he needs.

I have never been a big fan of 29 year old virgin becomes an instantaneous sex queen
kind of stories, but MAC'S LAW makes it work.  Ms. McCarty thoroughly explains the
backgrounds of Mac and Jessica, and her ability to develop the storyline truly compels
the reader to connect with her characters.  I eagerly turned the pages to watch Mac
and Jessica's relationship grow.  

The main characters and their flaws are deep and compelling.  The secondary and
background characters are interesting and build the story, with only minor distractions
to the over-all plot.  The potential for sequels is at least three-fold and I look forward to
reading each one.  

The language and dialogue are excellent and readers will get the feel of small town
Texas life.  Even better is that Ms. McCarty does it without an excessive number of
"hee-haws" or other stereotypical silliness.  

MAC'S LAW is not a perfect book, but a great one and most people will not notice the
things that distracted me.  Like me, most people will find it to be a nearly perfect and
wonderful book, one that is definitely a keeper.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance