Coffee Time Romance & More




February 2013
Jupiter Gardens Press
31 Pages
Ménage Futuristic Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

After months of emails and online chats, Caleb and Zain have only one thing on their mind now that they are finally together.

A crying baby is not the best way to ingratiate oneself in a crowded train cab, so Kerys is doing everything she can to keep Eve content.

Being stuck on an underground train with his soon-to-be lover is testing Caleb’s restraint. He wants Zain so much it hurts, yet the world outside is not cooperating. Their fate is pretty much sealed. If what is being reported is true, Zain and Caleb decide to wait no longer. Inviting Kerys to join in is exactly what they are both craving. Zain, Caleb and Kerys do what they can to ease each other’s fears, while making sure baby Eve has all the love and protection three people can heap on her with the time they have left.

Forgetting that a nuclear holocaust is happening overhead is fairly unbelievable, yet these three characters do a pretty good job of it. Cramming in every last ounce of passion they can Caleb, Zain and Kerys ignore the world around them and just focus on each other and the baby. While this may seem a little crazy and farfetched, it makes for one very sexy story. One you will not be able to resist.

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